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Teaching Certificate

To fulfill requirements of the teaching in higher education certificate, I completed all required assignments which included the development of my statement of teaching philosophy, an assignment aligned with learning objectives and a syllabus for a nursing course of my choice. Completion of this certificate aligns with DNP essentials IV and VII. Below are some assignments I completed during the teaching in higher education and teaching with technology courses. 

Core Teaching Values







Teaching Philosophy 

There are many qualities that make someone a great teacher.

Some of those qualities include engaging in effective communication, collaboration, adaptability, patience, and being able to listen to others. Additionally, I believe a great teacher is one who has an engaging presence in the classroom, whether in-person or virtual, places value in real-world learning experiences, utilizes best practices for teaching that is evidence-based, and has a life-long love of learning. As someone whose goal is to educate future nurses, I believe that my role is one that guides students’ learning with the goal of cultivating free, independent, critical thinkers who take the initiative for their own learning. I believe students take the initiative for their own learning when they are motivated to learn, and when they see value in what they are learning. 

To help students take the initiative for their own learning, it is important to first create a safe, caring, and non-judgmental environment. When a safe space for learning exists, students are encouraged to speak their minds, ask thought-provoking questions that further contribute to their learning, and engage in meaningful dialogue. In addition to creating a safe space, I believe it is important to create an adaptable learning environment that accommodates each students’ individual learning style and needs. In my role as a nurse educator to prospective nursing professionals, I am leading the way to the future of patient care. Therefore, it’s important that I instill core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, and honesty. 

Teaching Assignments

Web 2.0 Assignment 
Teaching With Technology 
Micro-teaching Presentation 

This assignment describes my teaching philosophy related to the use of advancing technology to enhance the student learning experience. 

This is a web-based mini-lecture presentation, presented on VoiceThread, an interactive digital platform for students and faculty. This presentation was on the care of community-dwelling older adults with diabetes. 

For this assignment, the goal was to create an interactive PowerPoint presentation with real-time peer/faculty feedback to promote content engagement. For this assignment, I focused on proper technique for point-of-care glucose testing. 

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